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Happy New Year & welcome to our January News.

We have had some fantastic results in our recent qualifiers.

Intermediate Dressage Qualifier 15th October 23

Well done to everyone who competed at the dressage qualifier. The teams came 4th and 8th with some fantastic individual results too. BCRC Burgundy Team of Karen, Sally(2nd), Fenella, Anna(4th), Vicky and Becky came 4th

BCRC Grey Team of Elaine, Mayan, Sally and Vicky came 8th. Individuals Anna, Vicky(2nd) and Becky

A big thank you to Sam, Helen and Zoe who were our volunteers that allowed us to enter this qualifier.

Novice Dressage Qualifier 10th December 2023

Junior Teams :- Berks Grey Team of Scarlet Kremer, Courtney Kremer, Lizzie Bright and Megan Gosney came 1st 

Berks Burgundy Team of Lily Howkins, Lucy Englefield and Leo Robertson came 2nd 

Senior Teams :- Berks Grey Team of Skye Hunt, Elaine Verney, Fenella Nordquist and Sally Larcom came 7th 

Berks Burgundy Team of Karen Caitlin, Alison Whittenbury, Gemma Parkes and Georgy Kilengray came 8th 

Intro Dressage Qualifier 6th January 2024

Senior Teams:- Grinch Team of Jessica James (5th ), Scarlet Kremer (11th ), Fenella Nordquist (1st), & Elaine Verney (16th), came 5th. Santa Team of Nakita Donelan (8th ), Sky Hunt (10th ), Karen Caitlin (18th ), came 8th 

Junior Teams:- Santa Team of Rebecca Lee (1st), Charlotte Williams (1st), Holly Larkcom (1st), came 1st 

Elf Team of Courtney Kremer (1st), Alex Bright (3rd), Lizzie Bright (2nd), Lily Howkins (3rd) came 2nd 

Pairs - Sky Hunt & Karen Caitlin 1st. Individual - Prelim 2 Holly Larkcom (2nd), Becky Brock (17th), Elem 42 Vicky White 1st , Med 63 Vicky White 1st

London International Horse Show Friday 15 December, London

The best Christmas Horse Show on the calendar! The evening performance, with the main attraction being the Puissance, was awesome.

Tack Sale 28th Oct Chieveley Village Hall 

Another successful tack sale in a bigger hall with more space, more tables and more people! 

Thank you to Pony Stars for selling light refreshments & lots of yummy cakes.


Thank you to everyone who attended the AGM.

During the evening the following awards were presented.


Scholl Bowl                     Volunteer of the Year – Stacey Kremer

Merlin Trophy                 Most Progress in Show Jumping– Skye Hunt

Brad Kremer Cup           Junior Dressage Series – Charlotte Williams

Waller-Tong                    Senior Dressage Series – Fenella Nordquist

Liz Bedingham Memorial Trophy   Becky Brock


We then had an excellent introduction and presentation on Saddle Pressure Mapping from Clive and Julia. They demonstrated the dynamic measurement of pressure distribution under the horse's saddle. This was followed by a lovely evening of  food and drinks with our members at the 6 Bells pub in Beenham.

Waller Tong 23.HEIC
Merlin 23.HEIC
Scholl Bowl 23.HEIC
Liz Bed 23.HEIC
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